Friday, September 11, 2009

Whatz a D&G ?


I have seldom been a time person. Somehow on instinct I recollect dates of special events or occasions. But keeping track of time has never been my forte. As a matter of fact, my friend BM chides me by asking to mention time the moment I recollect a date of a certain event/occasion.

My best friend was once worked for marketing a reputed Jewellery and Watch brand and had told me once that “there are more than 600 odd distinct parts of a wrist watch”. Unbelievable but true, like the number of 200 odd bones in a human body.

Time and again, I have been very lucky to have been gifted a few watches and also recollect getting one on my marriage. But I seldom wear it. Now that my better half has got me a sports D&G Sean Brown DW0365, I am exhilarated. It looks a beautiful piece as can be seen in the image below. It also constantly reminds me of its presence.

And what is D&G ? It stands for Dolce&Gabbana which is a Italian based luxury fashion brand. So far I have not been a fashion person. I still can’t identify a Prada or a Gucci. But who says you need to be aware of each and everything. Sometimes Ignorance can be bliss. If it looks good and you can afford it and you like it, go ahead and buy it.

When I mentioned I got a D&G watch from my wifey, my friend says ‘Get It checked for Bugs Dude, You might be Tracked’. LOL.


Next time we meet don’t be surprised to find my wrist occupied with a D&G and guess what I might be looking forward to hearing a few words of praise of D&G.

Also no more switching on the iPhone or looking around at the Set Top box or a Wall Clock to check time. Just twist the wrist and view the time. Oh yes.. Its time to go…. Ciao !!!


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