Monday, January 19, 2009

Star Wars experience


One of the most fascinating scenes cherised in my Memory is from Star Trek.

The view of the Stars, Universe and Galaxies in front of spacecraft as it flies through.

Wow !!! That is very exciting and awesome Image.

I was driving back from a visit to Pittsburgh temple and it was snowing. Late in the evening when the sky was dark all these snow shower re-created a similar view and experience and for a few moments I was flying my car in Intergalactic space.

Never Reveal Your Friends Email Id


'I never let schooling interfere my education' - Mark Twain

It was very smart of Mark Twain to mention that when he lived in the pre-internet era.

With new technologies being introduced to our daily lives every now and then it is important for each and every one of us to learn a few new tricks and follow age old wisdom principles.

The thing I am referring to is forwarding Email's.

I always get a few emails frequently which I would like to share with my near and dear ones.

But what bugs me is... with these forwards I get a list of all email ids it has been CC'ed to. What am I supposed to do with it? Nothing. But the thing that scares me is, my email id has been forwarded to one of those CC'ed addresses.


We have to be very careful with the information we let out. Email ids reveal the names of people we are still interacting with. In the real world we would be careful/diplomatic when two people who scorn each other offline were invited to the same platform. Wisdom here says.. watch your words and interaction.

So whenever I forward, I ensure that I BCC the mail.

Why is that it is not the default feature for forwarded emails is what I fail to understand?

Anyways if you are reading this, please take care not to reveal your friends Email Id to the public domain.

India suffers from 'Ghajini' Memory

A friend called me up and discussed about how a team of people are going to pursue and keep a tab on the actions of promises by government to the people of India.

In brief, my friend said India suffers from 'Ghajini' Memory.

How true it is? Irony !

In the Movie the actor suffers from RETROGRADE AMNESIA and forgets what happens

There will be a SCAM which will come out in the Open. What happens then ? Every News Media, Every discussion is about it. After some time the there is another bigger news to flaunt and the original issue is forgotten.

Corruption is still an unresolved issue. Taking bribes and giving bribes is the norm in the country in fact which unites us all.

I am always skeptical of new things and new approaches to resolve age old problems. Anyway's even I suffer from Selective Amnesia and sometimes believe the whole world does. Talk about being skeptical. Whew !!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Filling Petrol in a Petrol Pump


I used to ride a bike (TVS Centra/Scooter)  in India. For refilling petrol just had to ride to a petrol pump.In Hyderabad, it always used to be a long wait most of the time. The assistants at the pump used to fill the tank as per  instructions and collect the money/card.

Here in the US of A its a different proposition altogether.

First of all I drive a Car. Petrol pump is known as a “GAS station” short form for Gasoline.

Now when you visit a “GAS Station” you are supposed to fill the “GAS” into your car yourself. Initially its a bit different but later on it becomes second nature and you can top your tank within a couple of minutes.

And that is the time while you are waiting for your tank to be re-filled you clean the windshield of your car and the rear wind shield. You wipe off the dust and make it sparking clean with water and hand held wiper which helps in giving you a clear visibility while driving.

I believe you can imagine filling GAS/Petrol by yourself is no big deal.

Right ?

Yes. You are if its a normal day.

In winters, Just Imagine waking up to freezing cold below 8 deg Celsius in the morning on your drive to work you doing that.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. !!!! Ooooooooooo  !!!! Cold !!! Very Cold !!!

On top of it you want to clean your windshield and guess what………. yes the water outside is frozen ice and you can clean your windshield with that.

That is what happened today. Anticlimax.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Engineering College Episode


In October 1993, I got admission in Electronic Stream at Engineering College in Jalgaon Maharashtra. I had not heard about North Maharashtra University which had offshoot from Pune University. But I took to the college studies and extra curricular activities like duck to water.

Of the many anecdotes, adventures and incidents which transpired, one thing I recall is how every student is college used to get alerted when the College Co-Founder and Chair-women used to visit for a surprise tour of the facility almost every other month.

That used to be the day when everybody in Campus was attentive and alert. Every one and I mean everyone including the principals and lecturers and students.

During this visit, Majestic lady, whom we students used to address as ‘TAEE’ (meaning elder sister) used to walk with her troops and used to command attention of one and all.

She used to warmly respond to the greetings of students and enquire about various activities and proceedings. I vaguely recollect crossing her path on a couple of occasions and greeting her.

After 12 years since I left engineering college I never even thought about what had happened to her.

But yesterday during a conversation with a long lost friend I understood that she is now the President Of India.

Her resume for your information :

Wow !!! I spoke to the President of India more than Once !!! Ha !!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

List of Books Read and Movies Watched and My Rating 2009 :-)


Name Category Start Date End Date Rating
Finding Nemo DVD 31st Dec 2008 1st Jan 2009 3.5/5
Shrek 3 DVD 1st Jan 2009 1st Jan 2009 3.5/5
Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu DVD 2nd Jan 2009 3rd Jan 2009 4/5
Four Weddings And A Funeral DVD 3rd Jan 2009 3rd Jan 2009 2/5
The White Tiger – Arvind Adiga Book 26th Dec 2008   3/5
Foreign Body Book 1st Jan 2009   3/5
Cat O Nine Tales – Jeffrey Archer Audio Book 26th Dec 2008    
  • “It Can't Be October Already”
  2nd Jan 2009 2nd Jan 2009 5/5
  • Maestro
  31st Dec 2008 31st Dec 2008 5/5
Look Great Feel Great – Joyce Joyner Audio Book 28th Dec 2008   3/5

Writing out Resolutions - 2009


This is another year, so its time for a set of resolutions.

The first resolution is to write out all the resolutions. Hopefully by the end of the year all of these would have been fulfilled. Want to Bet?

The second resolution is to blog about every book I read and every movie I watch and at least give a rating.

The third resolution is to Be Positive, Confident, Enthusiastic and inspire everyone each day of the year.

The fourth one is pretty much because of the addiction of the smart phone I have. Yep my Iphone. I have decided not to play around with Iphone or my Phone whenever I am either driving, lunching or am with company.


Be Good To Yourself !!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year - New Signature Line

Be Good To Yourself. Be Good To Others.