Monday, January 21, 2008

IGNORANT Scientists

Study: Caffeine may boost miscarriage risk

What is wrong with some Scientists ? Are they so cynical and living in their own WELL?

Coffee intake increases rate of miscarriages. What is one to make of this ?

Every now and then I get headings like this which makes little sense of correlation between two varying events.

I know of a state in India where coffee intake is like at least 5 cups a day and all throughout the life and has been going on for generations. There has been no reported differences in the miscarriages in so many generations so all of a sudden this Imaginative Theory and correlation between coffee and miscarriages.

Hate to post any more on this, except the person responsible for this news is an idiot.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

BCCI Plans to Play Sourav Ganguly in World Cup 2011

Wow !!! What a Win !!!

India Cricket Team Totally deserved the win and it was not a surprise. Australia underestimated India once again and paid the price.

Those who do not read history are condemned to repeat it.

I don't know whatz wrong with BCCI selectors but dropping Sourav Ganguly from the ODI team means increasing the longetivity of the Sourav Ganguly.

Its a great plan to recall Sourav once again in 2009 right for him to participate in world cup 2011.

What Say ?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Gift From the Indian Cricket Team

What more can you ask from the Indian Cricket Team on the first day of the New Year ?

It is the first of January 2008 today here and its 10:00 pm EST. Its already session 2 after lunch on day 1 of the first cricket test match of 2008 between australia and india.

Australia are 6 down for 134 thanks to the brilliant spell by R.P. Singh and 'Bhajji' Singh.

Can the Indian Cricket Team Gift a Win against the Australia as the New Year Gift for die hard Cricket Fans Like Me ?