Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Weekend New York Trip – Day 2


On Sunday we woke up at 10’ish and had lunch at Woodlands of Morristown NJ. We had plans to visit Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero and visit the top of Empire State Building reaching New York by bus.

Following second thoughts G drove us through Lincoln Tunnel to NY. On reaching Empire State Building we did not park but drove all the way to end of 34th Street, Took a left and followed the shore till the 155th Avenue. All the view of the Hudson river and the Atlantic was good. At some times Old Bridges and structures made us recollect the by lanes of ‘Nagothane’ (India). In about 50 plus minutes we were back in front of Empire State Building.

Parking in weekends in New York streets is free but there is no mention of this anywhere on any of the signs. The info describing where to park and where not to is not clear. We took a chance after several anxious minutes of dilly dallying thanks to my ‘Overly Cautious/fear Driven’ behavior.

Luckily there was not a minute wasted getting into the Empire State Building. After getting the Tickets, it took us only 30 odd minutes to be on the 80th Floor. Another 10 minutes we were elevated to the 86th Floor of Observatory. The temperature was quite cool in the upper 40’s and Windy as usual. It was just before twilight set in and the view from the top was great. I could not capture good photos because the focus was either on us or the background.

Here are some photos taken up there on the Top of which G and I posing as the Statue of Liberty was the funniest.

imageimage image image image image

We walked out of ESB around 7 pm and had good starbucks coffee. We drove through Park Avenue and after rounding Grand Central station parked on 54th Street to visit SAKS Fifth Avenue shop. It was late in the evening and all the brand shops were closed. There were some good snaps taken in front of the Rockefeller Centre.

You can find the photos of Day 2 and the drive back to home here.

There were lot of other plans which never materialized as time was short and not much energy was left.

1. Catch up with a few friends 2) Take a drive to the Wild Life at Six Flags 3) Visit King of Prussia Mall 4) Visit Ground Zero 5) Have a Sub/Metro/Duckbus ride in NY.

Hopefully we will be able to do this in some future trip.


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