Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reading ‘The Lost Symbol’


Ever since I saw the poster announcing Dan Brown’s next book ‘The Lost Symbol’ at a Barnes and Nobles shop about 6 months ago, I have been awaiting it.

Now that it has been released last week, I got my own copy from the ‘Costco’ shop last week instead of waiting for the ‘request’ queue in the Local Library to serve it fast.

I have been trying to read and flip through the chapter’s and after 5 days of effort, I am into Chapter 6. I am now getting more interested in the book.

Whenever anybody mentions ‘Dan Brown’ the book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ popsup immediately. But avid book readers know and believe ‘Angels and Demons’ the book was a far interesting and more polished work of the Author. Even ‘Deception Point’ gets a lot of nods as being a better book than the ‘Da Vinci Code’. I have not yet read ‘Digital Fortress’.

I wonder what kind of book an author should take up once his last book is a best seller. Should the author stick to the same genre or should there be a change in the style, language, editing ?

Every year a new Jeffrey Archer book attempts to tell another story and it always tends to be compelling page turner and almost un-put-downable for the fans. It meets the minimum quotient of a good write up. But can ‘Dan Brown’ live up to his own standards.

So far, I think ‘The Lost Symbol’ is a lame title not really interesting. For some strange reason I keep referring to it as ‘The LAST symbol’.

Lets see how this goes……



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