Thursday, July 1, 2010

What's your favorite movie?


"I believe in America” is the line with which my most favorite movie of all time begins.

What can I write about the movie which almost every other movie fan believes it is their most favorite movie ?

Everything about the movie, including original story, flawless direction, powerful dialogues, memorable sequences, inspiring performances and the background music of the movie is a classic amalgam to be considered the best movie ever made.

Whistling in a Movie Hall on the first appearance of a Superstar categorizes me into those few rustic moviegoer who enjoys participating in the experience of movie watching. Even Last month, I whistled during the “ARR” show and while watching “Raavanan”.

I do not have a preference for a specific genre. “Bollywood” musicals and sob stories, Chinese Martial arts flicks, Foreign Language Drama’s and Hollywood blockbusters have been watched with equal fervor. Each one has left a distinct impression. The list of movies I like includes HAHK, DDLJ, ”Shankarabharanam”, KKHH, “Nayakan” ,”Kill Bill”, “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Forrest Gump”, “The Beautiful Mind”, “After The Wedding” and so on.

But the movie which has been number one favorite of all time is “The Godfather”.

“The Godfather insists on hearing the bad news immediately” – Mario Puzo

Every month at least once I use this forever classic line from the movie “The Godfather”. Over the years, I have met a  lot of people who love this movie.

One can safely mention “The Godfather” is most influencing movie ever. Every year there are innumerable remakes of the whole movie and many scenes re-enacted frame to frame.

Let me keep this note short for keeping the inspiration to write another day.

N.B. : First day of the second half of the year. Thanks to NaBloPoMo email, hopefully this month I will have a post every day. Are you Listening ?