Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Weekend New York Trip – Day 1


Following the plan My Wifey and I were forming for the last couple of weeks to visit New York, we finally took off for New Jersey on a Saturday morning instead of the Friday late night drive from Columbia Maryland. A Whole 3 and a 1/2 hour non-stop drive.

I have been to New York twice earlier when I was single. The first was a 60 day stint as soon as I arrived from India, during which I was staying at JFK Boulevard, NJ and rode on the Johnny Cab to NY office to grab a project. The second was a weekend trip in winter 2007 during which I visited Empire State Building.

Another one which does not count as a New York trip was when in June I visited Ellis Island and Staten Island to get a view of the ‘Statue of Liberty’

So this weekend, after a good lunch at ‘Spice Grill’ in Parsippany, NJ, My friend G drove to NY through the Lincoln tunnel. Watch it here

We parked the car at the Port Authority at afternoon 3 pm. We walked out the Port Authority towards ‘Times Square’.

Walking on way to ESB, we spent half an hour getting a ‘Caricature’ drawn of us three. The result was in caricature we all three have the same shaped nose. :-)


Our plan to visit Empire State Building fizzled out as soon as we saw the long queue of tourists wanting to do the same.

We proceeded to visit and explore Macy’s and ‘escalated’ all the way to the 9th floor. One Sofa I noticed there was strikingly ‘similar’ in texture and shape to the one I recently ordered last week. The price was outrageous 849 USD on discount, while the One we ordered is 400 USD.

Once we walked out Macy’s we were exhausted and planned on catching up a movie. We got tickets for ‘Inglourious Basterds’. By the time the movie got over and we drove back it was past midnight. I posted my own take of review here [Edit : This got overwritten. Sorry]

So the links to share the photos are here.




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