Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Waste of Time – Another Go


Before retiring for the night, during our visit to New York when, I copied roughly 600 photos from my DSLR to the Laptop. Just to quality check, I started the Slideshow  and was viewing each of them. I do this exercise after almost every day after the camera use.


My friend brought it to my attention calculating ‘3 seconds per snaps’ makes it 30 minutes of browsing through the days shots.


DARN !!! I have wasted roughly 1 hour every GB of photos I have taken with my camera. I have almost a Terabyte of photos captured in the last couple of years.


During commuting I have developed an ear for listening to podcasts (technical or otherwise), audio books and/or NPR. Thanks to another friend of mine who introduced me to audio book world last year. I have finished listening to 10 books mostly short stories, fiction and/or self help. This I believe has been a good investment of time considering the fact that it is almost next to impossible to avoid commute time.


Somehow I foresee a future of great opportunity for gadgets, software and utility products around the time waste zones like traffic jams, travel departures, commute.


And yes I don’t believe ‘Multi Utility Mobile Phone’ is the answer. There is something missing.

What Say !?


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