Friday, September 4, 2009

1st Marriage Anniversary


Today 4th September 2009, My Wifey and I are celebrating our 1st Anniversary. So far we have been overwhelmed by the ecards, emails, phone calls and text messages of congratulations and blessings from relatives, friends and well wishers.

Last year when we tied the knot in India, I was happy for manifold reasons. One of them was, I was no longer spending time searching for a mate.  Today as I look back, I see so many positives of the married life.

I must give due to my Wifey who is a smart, cheerful, understanding, down-to-earth and a conscious person who is aware of the world around her.

She also impeccably keeps complete balance of her life and mine with a smile. For me Good Food has always been a great starting point and quite a few of my Friend’s spouses are great cooks. I have been treated royally when it comes to food by some of my friends and thanks to their ‘prayer's’ my Wifey is one of the best cooks.

Guess what, yesterday I was treated with a ‘Home Made Burrito with Tortillas’. Come On, How many of my Indian friends can boast of having ate a ‘Home Made Burrito’?. Anyway during the first 3 months, I had almost a different variety of ‘curry spiced rice’ for lunch that I ran out of count, I never knew this dishes existed. Each and every one of them was spectacularly cooked and delicious.

Now that we have moved from Maryland to Virginia, We are looking forward to keeping up the promise of hosting our friends very soon.

To celebrate our Anniversary, We are driving to New York this weekend and intend to have a memorable time.



Laksh said...

Best wishes to you and P!! Hope the years ahead are filled with love and happiness for the two of you!

pavithra said...

Hey Zippy))) Thanks for the
compliments !!!!!!!