Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Incomplete Blog Drafts - Heading


    Over the last couple of years, I have had numerous instances when a thought occupied me long enough to make me almost blog about it. In the following cases I started with a heading but somehow did not get enough time to complete it . Just blasting it off so that one day hopefully it will be either irrelevant to write about or I get charged enough to complete this draft.

    1. Why twitter will never catch up to Blogs ?

    2. Curse of the 26th.

    3. Moving beyond the Obvious

    4. Trick Questions and Question Tricks.

    5. Standards for Technology Blogging.

    6. Mini Blog Posts Series

    7. Why Cricket Interests Me ?

    8. Big Sentences and Inarticulate communication.

    9. Consistently Predictable

    10. When God Slept.

    11. Canonical Standards for TDD.

    12. Earliest Memories of Meeting You.

    13. Why did I stop blogging on Sulekha?

    14. Memory Lapses

    15. Connecting the Straight Lines.

      I also lost many other drafts in my previous installations on various computers. But nevertheless the idea to pursue and recover them still lingers on.


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      Anjani said...

      hello Raghuram, the NYC blogger meet is scheduled for oct 3rd.Please do make it.