Monday, March 1, 2010

What is Wrong With GLOBAL WARMING ?


The Fact of Life is, If You Ignore the Facts, The Facts will Ignore You.

The only thing wrong about Global Warming is “The People Taking Credit For Predicting the accuracy of Global Warming”.

Humans have proved themselves to be Curious. For years now, there have been individuals who have attempted to learn and unravel the mystery of nature. Nature on the other hand follows its own course and has proven to be un-tame-able so far. The best things about Nature is, it follows it own path, following the rules of science.

What humans know about Science is still less than what humans need to know to change the way world behaves. Every time there is a envelope to be pushed, a barrier to be crossed, Humans being Humans put up a theory and believe in it totally until proven wrong later on.

Pure science is a fascinating exploration of theories and applications based on truthful observations and factual data. Pure science is accepted and adopted by the Scientific community based on numbers provided and experiments conducted with consistent standard results. [Based on my limited knowledge, I understand that there is a fair amount of approximation and tolerance allowed in the results and data.]. Every theory is extrapolated based on the considered ‘set of data’ however large or miniscule it is compared to the actual available data.

The Limited History of Humans we know had recorded Civilizations Rise and Fade Away, Migrate from one place to another because ‘Natural’ calamities and ‘Human’ interference. The only things History has taught us is that ‘History Repeats Itself’. But about Nature, History has taught us nothing except that is had proven itself Unpredictable.

Comet Sightings, Meteor Crashes, Change in Planetary Positions impacting Human Behavior, is still a mystery to be scientifically understood and resolved. Every historical/Scientific event recorded is little or more ‘biased’ or ‘impure’. Also my personal experience has shown that the ‘messenger’ is as important as the message. How many times have we shot the messenger to discover the ‘message’ was indeed useful. But that is human behavior at work.

The latest allegations and retractions in news about the inaccuracies in findings and typos in year of prediction has led to another round of questioning the messenger.

The question remains now is ‘Is Global Warming Prediction Correct’ ?

The way I feel is ‘It is an eventuality which will come true irrespective of ‘selective’ actions taken by societies as a whole’. The best thing to do is to be prepared. Global Warming is one of the several challenges the world faces for its survival in future to come.

Raising awareness is one of Right things to do and allowing the community to debate and learn is another.

That is what I am after and I know in time, truth will reveal itself and we will be able to make a choice when we have time at hand.

Lactose Intolerance


In 1988 I read Maneka Gandhi ‘the animal rights activist’ state in a interview that genetically ‘Indians’ did not possess the enzyme to break down Milk. I was 13 then and found the idea crazy.

Being a TamBram (Tamil Brahmin) raised in Maharashtra, My daily consumption of Milk was upto half a gallon in one form of the other.  As a matter of fact, Milk is one of the essentials of a daily diet of an average Indian.

For the past couple of years or So I was troubled with an upset stomach and extra flatulence 24 x 7. Of all the discoveries the Doctor made, No medicine was able to control or cure this.

Finally I had given up assuming it to be a Psychosomatic disorder. But mother of all surprises a controlled and careful diet over the past month has revealed the ailment to be Lactose Intolerance.

Oh Geez, Come On !!! How can that happen ? Freaking Unbelievable it is, but its true.

I have switched over to Creamer Free BLACK Coffee at work and Lactaid Milk at home.

What goes around comes around. My Theory is that somehow everything a human body consumes has either a positive or a negative impact. Over the years, staying away from Home Food and consuming a lot of tasty food at different places has had an eventual but unavoidable impact. It has collapsed the Lactose breaking enzymes, ringing in ‘Maneka Gandhi’s’ statement ‘Many Do not possess the enzyme to break down Milk’ or rather to put it mildly ‘Over some time, the Enzyme Breaks down unable to break Lactose’. Sigh !!!