Sunday, January 9, 2011

Funnily Enough !!!

Happy New Year 2011 to you !!!

This year 2011 with years of acquired wisdom, I have a large list of resolutions on my sight. The list includes a weekly personal blogpost. So here it goes.

Atleast one good laughing minute a day is absolutely essential for me to retain one's own sanity and soberness in this changing world. I am habituated to burst into a laughing episode while enjoying a cartoon/movie or sitcom. On the other extreme, in the most inopportune of circumstances, I find myself being reprimanded or subtly hinted to tone down the excitement. Being one of a very few who can laugh at oneself, I confess to be a "serial laugher".

One favourite anecdote is about a guy when asked "Why are your socks green in one and orange in the other foot ?" replies "Strange as it is, I have one more pair like that at home".

Of all the faux paus, which could have happened to me about the attire I wear, I recollect walking around the day with a "Brand Label" sticking out my new jeans/pants/shirts or with a stain or hole in them. You think of it and I can recollect when I experienced it first hand.

But Today beats them all.

I have come to the office wearing different shoe on each foot. A Black and a Brown. It is just start of the day and wonder how many will notice it. Luckily do not have any scheduled meetings for the day.

Later in the day as I made my friends notice this, they all had a hearty laugh and recollected their instances of wearing T-Shirts inside out, Unkempt hair and pulling off sticker labels from their colleagues dress.

Huh !!! Guess whatever happens to you, has happened to one of your friends before still holds true.

Have a great time ahead !!!