Sunday, September 13, 2009

Waste of Time


“The Best Way to Win An Argument is to Avoid It”. There are a zillion acronyms which are used to aid memory retention for a long time and fast recollection. For e.g. WATCH – Watch your Words, Actions , Thoughts, Characters and Habits.

Last week as I celebrated my birthday, One thought which occurred to me was “Time Being Wasted”. Hindsight is an exact science so even though I hope not to regret things I have done in future, I get some time to analyze the time I have wasted not invested in during my lifetime.

Anthony Robbins had said, Most People don’t behave or do what ‘exactly’ they should be doing, it is always a case of what causes less pain and what gives greater pleasure influencing the behavior and/or actions.

When I was in my teens in the My friend and Me used to Frequent the Town Local Library to devour each and every page of “Illustrated Weekly”, “India Today”, “Filmfare” , “Science 2001” et al including all ‘Marathi’, ‘Hindi’ and English dailies. This activity lasted till we left the town for higher studies. In the last decade, Internet has been the major source of all reading in my case.  So every time I was not in school studies or working, my waste of time was around reading, movies or playing.

Whenever I catch up with friends, we frequently tend to exchange a few thoughts, experiences, opinions on some random but related topics. One of the most recent discussions was about ‘Waste of Time’.

Most of my ‘Time waste’ activities like reading, entertainment, surfing, playing and fooling around has been influenced majorly by my passing interest or ‘bad’ habit. I have been guilty of wasting time because of ‘cricket’ and ‘Movies’ when I was so much addicted to following cricket that all the cricket sites were on my favorites folder and I used to visit them several times a day.

I was surprised the other day I discovered my best friend, equally passionate in following cricket, had found his interest Waned. So we had a good intellectual discussion about how and why this can happen.

One good analogy he mentioned was about ‘Generally people of a generation Idolize and passionately follow Individuals and/or Teams/Bands throughout their career ups and downs’. As soon as the ‘team'/individual’ retires it takes some time for a successor to be followed with the same zeal.

Extrapolating based on the discussion ‘I can certainly foresee a high amount of productivity increase by the fans of “Sachin Tendulkar” when he retires from cricket’.

What Say ?

On another topic, I was lucky to handle an Amazon Kindle which my friend has and was extremely pleased with it. The most surprising aspect for me was I cannot read on KINDLE it when its dark.


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