Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doing The Right Thing !!!

When I was young, I learnt that whatever the situation, you should do the RIGHT Thing. Whenever faced with a decision, use your common sense. Having a HOLISTIC view of things around helps us make the right decision and things fit into correctly if the RIGHT Thing was done.

Today as I write, I read this headline on www.ibnlive.com

BJP MPs claim SP bribed them, show cash in LS

What is Wrong with the Politicians of India ?

Today is the day of No Confidence Motion against the UPA government for the Nuclear deal with USA. According to the information available this was initiated by the NDA government and they are the one opposing it today. What kind of logic is that?

The government has apparently reached the numbers and will probably survive.

But what about this Claim? Don't they ever think that whatever they are doing is being watched the world over?

I was reprimanded by my college professor for being over-smart to the Interviewers during the college SSC recruitment. He told me that I represented the college and my behaviour might impact the future students of the college as I might give a false impression of being casual and rude to the Defense people.

But don't the politicians understand these? Isn't it illegal to defame or initiate false propoganda?

God knows what kind of morality and sense is being flaunted by these politicians?

It is time for the next generation of leaders to be aware that every action of theirs will be scrutinized and remembered by the press and the voters. They have to set an example in their deeds, action and will.

Time for Youngsters to Take Up Politics as a Career !!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dark Knight - Exceptional Script

Wow !!! An Amazing Start to a Long Day.

When I got an offer from an my roommate Y for a midnight show of 'Dark Knight' I readily volunteered. Just a few clicks and we got the confirmation number on fandango.

How often does a new movie surprises you with Excellent Stunts, Superb Direction and Exceptional Script justifying the hype surrounding it !!!

The Dark Knight is such a movie.

Me and Four of my pals excited booked a Late Night Show for the Premier of the Movie. Imagine the Time 12:01 am Friday 18th July.

A First Day First Show experience for the first time for us in the US(A).

Today 18th July 2008, early morning 12:01 am the show started with the Cinema Hall filled total capacity.

The screening was delayed for some unknown reason by around 10-15 minutes but nobody moved. There was no announcement. Everyone I guess was waiting in anticipation.

While we waited I read about the Movie Hype and my friend S informed me that he had liked Batman Begins and Christoper Nolan was the director of Memento, one movie which I had to rewatch several times to understand.

When the movie commenced, each and every person was engrossed by the Villain, the Astonishing Joker 'Heath Ledger' in a performance of a Lifetime.

The mind games played by the Joker and the way he escapes though simple was neatly handled.

Enter the drama phase and different characters introduced who in a unique way impressed themselves and carried the foundation of the story forward.

At the end of the movie there was a hearty applause by one and all for the total entertainment package of a good cinema viewing.

The four scenes which I found exciting and memorable were

1) The Conversion of the 'Batmobile' Car to a Two Wheeler

2) The Somersault of the Truck

3) The SONAR cell jamming technique

4) The Half Damaged face of D.A. Harvey Dent aka Aaron Eakhart

I can rave and rant about the movie but its late night around 4:15 am in the Morning and don't won't to be late at work so will cut this short.

Critically the length of the movie could have been less. There were times when the screenplay was deliberately slow.

As a FAN (just converted) I believe it is worth to view this movie in the big screen at least once at the earliest.

Critic Rating - 4/5

Fan Rating - 4.5/5

Spoilers :

If you are interested in learning about the story do visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Knight_(film)