Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Random Post


Wisdom is something acquired over the years from experience with facts and the reactions to it. The experience could be one’s own or from others.

I learnt first hand about a wrong judgment interpretation thought line also known as gambler’s fallacy in my last week’s trip to LV which states that “past results do not prejudice the future outcome”. Two more lessons for me were “the house always wins” and of course “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

When we were kids, story books, comics and light reading material which we consumed influenced and drove the thought process to big imaginations of a parallel world. The facts learnt were registered as true and it often comes as a culture and strong impact shock. For e.g. I always thought I knew Zero was invented by an Indian Mathematician Aryabhatta. But if you google this you will be in for some surprises. Similarly another question about inventor of Chess or Origins of Sudoku all are commonly unrecognized.

Because of Omni-present Internet, it is very easy to fudge facts by diluting with other probable lines of thoughts and influencing the reader to be more confused and unclear than ever before possible in history.

When I recently re-read “My experiments with truth” by MK Gandhi, I was totally blown away by the sincerity of the writing. Nevertheless one of the questions that occurred to me was this is one side of the story, however honest and truthful the individual has been. Similarly other Autobiographies (controversial or otherwise) also put up the perspective of the story from a single dimension. But as an Individual, Society or the Country, the question is how much should be believe and take it up at face value ?

My Limited History knowledge suggests that every individual that was mightily praised had their share of enmity with some other individual or clan and also some unethical and/or illegal actions.

Without the religion restrain and discipline, the only lesson I learn is be at peace with yourself and keep others at peace (another resolution for life).