Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thinking Patterns - Keep Improving


Quote: "If you always do, what you have always done, you will get, what you have always got."

Often when I find myself free and not focused on the task at hand, my thoughts go astray and end up jumping from one thought to another.

Today I ended up getting reminded about some patterns I had experienced/observed over years and decided to post it immediately.

We were schooled in a English Medium School, but most of the neighbours kids were brought up in vernacular medium. In my case "Marathi".

One of the very first Joke I heard was about this guy who knew only three words in English. 'Yes', 'No' and 'Thank You' without knowing their meaning.

Most of the episodes in this guy's life used to end up making us laugh with his adventures like :

This guy is travelling in a bus and the lady next to him asks in english "Have you seen my purse?". This guy replies 'Yes'.

'Then tell me where it is."


The lady slaps this guy.

'Thank You'

Cheeky. Kiddish. Isn't it !? It makes me giggle even today.

Anyway's when I grew up I had heard another joke about a guy having issues striking up conversation with girls. So he is trained to memorize a few Ice-breaking questions which supposedly will help him get going.

'Are you married?"


'Do you have any kids'


or the other way

'Do you have any kids'


'Are you married?"


You can imagine. Of course I know it is politically in-correct to ask strangers. But you can ask all my friends who know me, how many times I have asked this question to complete strangers.

But these two above joke's are one of the common thought pattern's or habit's which I had basically put me in JAM quite a few times.

Like if I am not focused in what I am doing consciously, I tend to repeat certain quotes or saying like those scenes in the Wedding Crashers.

Two of the episode's I distinctly remember are from my days in Engineering College. I used to frequent a Tea Shop with my roomies and have a cuppa tea or two. One of the MBA students whom I had recently got acquainted to mentioned

'Let me pay for the Tea this time. I consider it as a investment in our friendship'.

Wow!!! I thought. Good One I should use it.

The very next day I ended up using this quote with another new acquaintance of mine.

You should have seen the desperate look on this face. He went ballistic. 'Investment'. You consider my offer of friendship an 'Investment'. I no longer wish to speak with you.

I was like 'what is he so hurt about?'. Anyway's I was not mature or experience enough to handle that.

Another Episode was about an 'Example Story' I heard from the University Vice Chancellor or Dean. I liked the story so much that I kept repeating it at every opportunity.

End Result. The Story became diluted and the result's were disastrous. The same story that Inspired me and my peers to push the envelope and go beyond the definite, became monotonous and "aaarrrrrrrrrrggggghhhh" !!!

After many similar Thought Pattern 'Quote repeating' incidents I have realized, I need to be focused and self-aware of what I am doing.

Lesson for me. Be Self Conscious.

Learn to visualize how you are behaving. Resist from using same thought patterns. Introduce a little amount of disturbance. The results are going to be different. You can always correct your results later by changing the equation.

Be Self Aware. Always.

Adios !!!

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