Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Thoughts - Jan 2009

It has been a very freezing January 2009. Most of the days just getting to the car, swiping off the snow/frost from the windshield and starting the car itself required a lot of will power and courage. Whew !!!

Yesterday when I drove to SSVT Temple and Asian market I turned on the AC in the car. It was not a warm day, It was a bit hot.

What happened? Does the climate change based on changes in month? Maybe it does. But heck no, its back to being cold today.

We enjoyed watching NFL Super Bowl which Steelers won in the last minute touchdown, on a big 46" Sony HDTV at a friends house. It was a memorable evening.

One of the resolutions of new year has been to keep away surfing/playing with the phone when having lunch/dinner with company. I think I am in control of this thing.

Next resolution for me to add is to complete ironing all the washed clothes before the end of this month. Wish me good luck !!!

For the record, I complete 3 official years in the USA on 3rd Feb. That is nice. I had not imagined or come with any expectation, but it has far exceeded my whatever little hopes I had for USA.

I hope to continue blogging more frequently and post at least 10 write ups every month.

Here Wish me Good Luck !!! Again !!!

Be Good To Yourself !!!

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