Sunday, February 22, 2009

'Slumdog Millionaire' - IMHO an Average Masala film


Will 'Slumdog Millionaire' win the Best Picture award tonight in the OSCAR's ?

When I watched this movie, it was in its fourth week of run in the USA and the buzz surrounding it was enormous. Most of my friends were impressed by the movie and the felt quite good. The Media was declaring it as the best movie to come out this year.

It came as a no surprise for many that it was in the nominations for the best picture of the year.

I am still not certain why this movie has been able to touch everybody but not impress me.

Music by A.R. Rahman is certainly the highlight of the movie but I have heard so many excellent A.R.R. Creations and I know for certain this is not A.R.R's best.

The story about 'A Dharavi Guy' able to answer all the questions of the KBC Show and how his life is interspersed with the questions of the quiz is hardly innovative or unique. I had last year seen two movies which mentioned about this 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' show. One was a french movie 'My Best Friend' and another was a Tamil movie 'Koteeswaran'

So the novelty factor or the innovation factor was absent for me. So when the first flashback was over, the idea of visiting flashback for every question does not seem attractive OR does it?

Secondly when you watch the movies which are non-linear in narration, it takes brilliance of camera work, script, dialogue, cinematography and background music to keep the attention of the viewer.

'Slumdog' failed here for me. It did not hold my attention for long and I was lost in my own thoughts and reactions to some of the not-so-pleasing scene's in the movie.

Recent Best Picture OSCAR Movies like 'CRASH' ,'Forrest Gump' are up to the mark aesthetically, dialogues, background score in short in all aspects.

According to me (only me) Slumdog is a big letdown in all these. That is why in my humble opinion SM is an average Masala movie and should miss out on the OSCAR 'Best Picture' award.

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