Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Sometime in 1979, We first got introduced to each other in kindergarten class.

There has been no looking back ever since, our friendship has grown strong and stood the test of time and distance.

My best friend and I were raised in a town named Roha in the state of Maharashtra in India (Asia).

Of all the imaginations and discussions we had about in our pre teen years of the way we would shape up, it never occurred to us that one day, we will meet up in the land of opportunities.

So here we are in USA, halfway across the world where we were born, like in a Jeffrey Archer novel, .

My Wifey and I are looking forward to their visit this week celebrating 30 odd years of friendship and life.


Somehow many of the things I do today have been inculcated into me since my birth. Like the habit of praying with my hands joined together every morning. Or always handing and receiving money with my right hand.

There were questions I had about certain things, most of them were answered logically or I had to figure them out on my own or from some story which has been passed on by word of mouth from generations.

One of the questions I had was about, why is it that Traditionally in the Indian family do the cooking ?

Recently as I saw my bloated tummy from the in-shirt dress I was wearing and this question again crossed my mind. You can imagine why.


Halloween for me is still a day when enthusiastic kids go around dressed up in Costumes and ask for Trick or Treat.

Most of the snaps that day are very scary to see at in isolation.

Uploading the Halloween photos on Facebook made me think how will my friends react to finding my ‘wifey's’ photo in the album.


For those who have come in late, TTCMM stands for Thoughts that crossed my mind.

What Say !?

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