Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Google Wave – The Impressions

Over the last one month, Google Wave has frequently been a trending tropic on twitter. Most of the time, it would be a ‘spam tweet’, luring unsuspecting users to unwittingly provide info and in turn getting them to retweet the same ‘spam tweet’ further encouraging the trend.

Finally when my friend SN gave me an invite, I invested a couple of hours in the last few days to investigate and jump on and ride the ‘Wave’. My friend already realized that Wave is no fun without friends and this is very true.

The User Interface of Google Wave does not look dazzling or out of this world for any regular social media user who sometimes chats and sometimes forwards emails to his friends.

“Creating a Wave” seems a unlikely phrase but I am sure it would be one of the future trends and be as common as “Googling”.

Today explaining a Google wave is not easy as explaining “what’s an email” or “what’s a tweet”?

What I have recognized so far is the potential for a “Wave Topic” created by you, to intensify and diminish as time progresses. By collaboration by friends and followers, the current trend is likely to have have the most number of posts.

An idea is worth itself if it generates more money than it promises. The Google Wave Idea is a potential money spinner for Google, much better than YouTube.

If not for the steep learning curve for new users and its redundancy of utility along with social media updates, Google Wave would indeed have been fasters to create a wave.

Best wishes to creators and developers of “Google Wave” to have recognized the potential of Facebook and other social media updates and developed an ‘probably’ likeable and ‘currently heavy’ tool considering future acceptance today.

Lets all see how the Wave goes.

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