Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Smart things to Know - 2


In a follow up to my earlier post. I have recently learnt a couple more tricks to be smart.

Whenever my friends shop online for a technology product or even for a pizza, One of the things they always do is to scout for a Coupon Code or a Deal Offer.

It’s strictly no-no to buy a product without a deal or discount. Once the product to be purchased is decided on, Just Google the product or the brand name and voila ! Discover a valid coupon code or instructions to save money of the purchase and sometimes find alternative places to buy the product for a lot less. (Just be wary of phishing sites. Caveat Emptor). In face using Microsoft Search engine Bing is likely to get you Cashback offers depending on the season.

The second thing I wanted to mention is about Collection Agent. A friend of mine recently mentioned that he always escalates the bills to default and be forwarded to a collection agent where he negotiates a settlement amount on the phone without disturbing his credit score. I really don’t know how much truth is there in it, but next time I default and I get a collection agent call, I am definitely going to negotiate for a waiver.


What Say !?

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