Sunday, October 25, 2009

Smart things to know


Did you know, In a multiplex, you ‘can’ use the same ticket for viewing another show at another screen ?

Come to think of it, I never even gave a second thought to this anytime. But when I heard this It sounded crazy. But apparently there was some truth in it. Some of the present immediately acknowledged having done so.  No wonder many students might as well as use this information for getting into a screen which charges higher ‘ticket’ price by buying a ‘lower priced ticket’ and then switch to another screen after the show starts.

What Say !? Isn’t that smart ?

For quite sometime I was thinking about posting some of the smartest ideas I have learnt from my interaction with few of my friends in recent years.

Another friend of mine mentioned about considering ‘road inclines’ while driving in drizzle or rain time and driving in the highest lane to avoid encountering ‘hydroplaning’. Of course I should have known it, but It never registered until my friend mentioned.

The smartest mention according to me was to allow free entry into screening of ‘Bollywood’ movies and charging for ‘permission’ to leave in the middle of the screening. Come to think of that, the most tepid and stupid movies being made, this free business model might generate more amount of revenue than cinema halls running movie for less than 5 patrons. What Say !?

If you are aware that on Saturday mornings most theatres sell tickets at half the price, then another smart thing is to catch up with movies in theatres only on Saturday mornings.

Let me cut this post short here abruptly because I am beginning to sound a wee bit whacky !!!

Always remember ‘Information is wealth and/or power’, ‘Half Knowledge could be dangerous’ and ‘Look before you leap’.

Ciao again soon !!!

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