Thursday, October 8, 2009

Information Overload – Tipping Point


My understanding of ‘Tipping Point’ is a hind sight recognized threshold number at which an activity starts to deviate from its travel path. Thanks to new york press writer Malcohm Gladwell, ‘Tipping Point’, ‘Blink’ and ‘Outliers’ are words being used frequently in the day to day vocabulary.

Every time I open up a browser, I type the url and start acknowledging articles which arrive promptly by the rss subscriptions I have setup, by either sharing, marking as read or comment.

When I was introduced to the rss readers, google reader was the simplest and easiest to configure and I have seen it being upgraded with a few salient features which makes it a worthy utility.

Being a avid reader, before RSS Aggregator tools, I used to search for articles on a few subjects and visit various web sites, but thanks to RSS it became easy as a pie to get all the feeds in one place.

Sometime during the Last couple of weeks, I have had an epiphany that this ‘reading' on reader is an overkill for my appetite and I have lost track of my time and other personal events which keeps my life enriched.

From Now on till the end of this year, I am consciously pulling the plug on my google reader feeds subscription and will not visit again still 1st January 2010.

I have reached the ‘Tipping Point’ of information (junk) (perspective) Overload.

Whew !!!

Any Comments !?


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