Monday, October 5, 2009

Book Review : Free , The Future of a Radical Price


I always acknowledge that any book or article which introduces an ‘idea’ or a ‘train of thought’ I have not thought about is well worth the price and time spent. I might not always agree or be totally convinced but the influence it might cause will only be known later.

Today I completed reading (hearing) the Chris Anderson’s latest book ‘Free’. I did not pay a cent for it but I invested a lot of time, first waiting for the Library request and then later downloading the audio version (read by Chris himself) as podcasts on my iPhone.

Personally I have been a late bloomer to appreciate the value of money. I have unwisely lost large sums of hard earned dollars and the key reason being not really recognizing the potential power of money. My friends know that I often quote ‘The most difficult thing to do in this world is to wait’. Somehow unconsciously we all have been following a commonly recognized rule ‘Time is Money’.

When I picked up this book, Chris Anderson was being criticized for lifting paragraphs directly from Wikipedia without acknowledging the source. Hats off to Chris for covering an idea which lay in front of us and informing us consciously about the various applications of the word ‘free’ and the implications of the same.

You can read this book free at

Please do pick up this book and read, listen to it on a long distance flight trip. It is worth the time invested.



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