Monday, January 19, 2009

India suffers from 'Ghajini' Memory

A friend called me up and discussed about how a team of people are going to pursue and keep a tab on the actions of promises by government to the people of India.

In brief, my friend said India suffers from 'Ghajini' Memory.

How true it is? Irony !

In the Movie the actor suffers from RETROGRADE AMNESIA and forgets what happens

There will be a SCAM which will come out in the Open. What happens then ? Every News Media, Every discussion is about it. After some time the there is another bigger news to flaunt and the original issue is forgotten.

Corruption is still an unresolved issue. Taking bribes and giving bribes is the norm in the country in fact which unites us all.

I am always skeptical of new things and new approaches to resolve age old problems. Anyway's even I suffer from Selective Amnesia and sometimes believe the whole world does. Talk about being skeptical. Whew !!!

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