Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Engineering College Episode


In October 1993, I got admission in Electronic Stream at Engineering College in Jalgaon Maharashtra. I had not heard about North Maharashtra University which had offshoot from Pune University. But I took to the college studies and extra curricular activities like duck to water.

Of the many anecdotes, adventures and incidents which transpired, one thing I recall is how every student is college used to get alerted when the College Co-Founder and Chair-women used to visit for a surprise tour of the facility almost every other month.

That used to be the day when everybody in Campus was attentive and alert. Every one and I mean everyone including the principals and lecturers and students.

During this visit, Majestic lady, whom we students used to address as ‘TAEE’ (meaning elder sister) used to walk with her troops and used to command attention of one and all.

She used to warmly respond to the greetings of students and enquire about various activities and proceedings. I vaguely recollect crossing her path on a couple of occasions and greeting her.

After 12 years since I left engineering college I never even thought about what had happened to her.

But yesterday during a conversation with a long lost friend I understood that she is now the President Of India.

Her resume for your information : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India/Pratibha_Patils_Resume/articleshow/2218456.cms

Wow !!! I spoke to the President of India more than Once !!! Ha !!!

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