Friday, January 16, 2009

Filling Petrol in a Petrol Pump


I used to ride a bike (TVS Centra/Scooter)  in India. For refilling petrol just had to ride to a petrol pump.In Hyderabad, it always used to be a long wait most of the time. The assistants at the pump used to fill the tank as per  instructions and collect the money/card.

Here in the US of A its a different proposition altogether.

First of all I drive a Car. Petrol pump is known as a “GAS station” short form for Gasoline.

Now when you visit a “GAS Station” you are supposed to fill the “GAS” into your car yourself. Initially its a bit different but later on it becomes second nature and you can top your tank within a couple of minutes.

And that is the time while you are waiting for your tank to be re-filled you clean the windshield of your car and the rear wind shield. You wipe off the dust and make it sparking clean with water and hand held wiper which helps in giving you a clear visibility while driving.

I believe you can imagine filling GAS/Petrol by yourself is no big deal.

Right ?

Yes. You are if its a normal day.

In winters, Just Imagine waking up to freezing cold below 8 deg Celsius in the morning on your drive to work you doing that.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. !!!! Ooooooooooo  !!!! Cold !!! Very Cold !!!

On top of it you want to clean your windshield and guess what………. yes the water outside is frozen ice and you can clean your windshield with that.

That is what happened today. Anticlimax.

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