Monday, August 10, 2009

Twitter Trends


Whatever I know about human behavior is more or less based on what I have acquired by reading, analyzing and what I have experienced. One of the common pattern is unpredictability. Human behavior is accepted to be a direct result of what the person is thinking at that point in time and also it is based on previous thought jumps and previous experience of the person.

This is so hard and complex problem to have access to the data behind human thoughts and the result of the reaction to that thought in that instance for that person.

Our forefathers and every generation has always learnt by listening to others and by experience that it is very easy to ‘influence’ a individual, if we show some interest and attention to the individual. For some this works instantly and for other it takes some time. To influence a Mob, the science or factor’s are not much different. Even you must have heard of discoveries of Ponzi schemes eventually running out of time.

Essentially the unpredictability of human behavior in a way acts against the very crux of forming a society, but as we know there exists a social life and we as a social animal behave rather consistently with the expectations of the society. So this in my limited experience and knowledge interprets as ‘thinkers’ and the rest. You can say reactors, followers, advantage takers, critics, haters, indifferent etc etc.

Whenever I look at twitter trending topics I find that most twitterer’s are followers and yes people rather than reactors. The trend of twitter topics in general is very similar to Email Forwards and Spam Scams. There are a lot of specifics, but in whatever data I have seen and uncovered, it seems, twitter can be a tool in influencing human behavior once the thought put out by the individual is immediately acted upon. I wouldn’t be surprised that in future some autobot accounts will reacted individually to many individuals and influence genuine twitter user’s based on need/goal/aim of the ‘Big Brother’.

What Say !?

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