Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Bundle Movie – Review – Love Aaj Kal


1986. 6th grade.

English Teacher to the class : “So how many of you have read “The Invisible Hat” ? Raise your hands”

Even though I had read I did not raise my hand. My classmate prompty stood up and said “Raghu already read it and says its Bundle.”

English Teacher : “What do you mean Bundle ?. Last week you said movie Naseeb was good. I saw it and seeing Hema Malini ride her bike over cars stunt, it was bundle”

Some words haunt you for life. The above is a true story.

Today :

Bundle is a colloquial used in Marathi lingo meaning “Its Idiotic”.

Anyways Last friday my wifey and I watched a hindi movie named ‘Love Aaj Kal’ whose songs I had grown to love in the last month or so. I can boost to know all the lyrics today. After a long time has any hindi album fascinated me with tune and lyrics.

About the movie, the lesser said the better. I have nothing but disappointment with the story, screen play, acting and choreography. The only saving grace is catchy music.

Great one liner’s do not make a great movie. An idea is never good enough, but complete only when its sold, executed and followed through in its entirety.

In the initial frames Director Imtiaz Ali builds up a promise to a different point of view of love and lovers, but ends up repeating the run of the mill formulae of lover’s discovering their love by absence so late that it totally disassociates the viewer from identifying themselves with the on screen characters.

The patent of Yashraj movies, Discovering Love in Absence by many characters aka discovering the importance of electricity during Load shedding is now a well known formulae to the movie goers and fails to create a impact.

Oneliners by Saif Ali Khan like “Hum Cake Khane Key Liye Kahin Bhi Jaa Sakthe Hain”  or “Either Hamaari Dosti Gehree Hain yaa yeh Photo 3D hain” or even “Ladke isiliye aage chalte hain kee Ladikyon ko Raah Dikha Sake” are refreshingly charming and memorable.

But one like “Main ekdum defective piece hoon, Jyaadaa der SAD nahin reh sakta” are all so made up and not meet the standards of SAK.

Deepika looks superbly good but still fails to mask her non acting ability. Listening to her say “Yeh Angle thoda alag hain” made me squirm. Yikes.

‘Harleen Kaur’ looked lost with a made up halo and looked too young for the role.

All In All One Bundle Movie with foot thumping music. Waste of my time.

What Say !?

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