Friday, August 21, 2009

Kandhasamy – Meets Expectations.


A couple of years back, I had received an email forward mentioning that if all the ‘corrupt’ money deposited in Swiss banks by Indians is returned back to the country, than India will be the richest country in the world. I did not take this email seriously because of so called procedures which are more or less determined to protect the bank customer.

Ever since the initial launch of this Susi Ganesan movie was announced, I was eagerly awaiting to watch this movie. But multiple delays and a long wait, the expectations from this Chiyaan movie after the debacle of Bheema was not sky high but hopefully it should be worth the ticket price.

Yesterday I watched the premier show of the movie in Loehmann’s Theatre Fairfax VA and was entertained. There were only a handful of movie goers for the show and the price of the ticket an exhorbitant 18 USD per head, I wondered whether there would be a surprise visit by the Celebrities of the movie. :-)

When you make a movie about current times you always run into the risk of entering a stale issue. I always wondered what kind of issue was being raked up by this movie so that it stands out the test of the time.

Over the years an actor ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram has been competing in the mutiple ‘getup’ arena with Kamal, Rajni, Ajit et. al. It would seem Vikram prefers action over acting, commercial over content.

When the movie started with a silly make up as a ‘SuperHero’ Kandhasamy and cooka-a-cooku dance by Vikram trying to really seem funny rather than fearful to the villan, (may be targeting towards the kids) it seemed a bit odd at that time. And the Phantom punch with a indelible mark leftover on the cheek. Eeekkkkk….

As the movie progressed steady with introduction of Vikram (who looked surprisingly young and handsome), Ashish Vidharthi, Shriya, Vadivelu the movie picked up steam and kept up the attention of the viewer.

At intermission it seems it would be a revenge saga, but post interval the movie takes a little bit of dip in mexico (pun unintended) and comes back to the steady height of entertainment and moral intent behind the ‘Robinhood’ actions.

One of the key questions asked in the movie was ‘Why should you overpay for the services !?’.

It was a paisa vasool movie with catchy music, decent choreography, good acting by Vikram, Ashish Vidharthi.

Very few movies in the recent memory has stayed back in the hangover the day after, this is one such movie. The questioning style of Vikram to Shriya in their very first encounter, Vadivelu’s bath dance in the Water Treatment scene are memorable.

Vikram dressing up as Aishwarya and dancing to the tune of ‘Dola Rey…’ was very nicely picturized.

BTW if you can watch it with kids and not squirm in your seat, it is a good movie by my standards and Kandhasamy meets expectations.

As a critic we can mention ‘soft editing’ which loosens the pace of the movie a bit and lot of Glaring Bright Flashes and camera angles which are a bit distracting.

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