Friday, June 19, 2009

Jazz Effect


Ever since I heard ‘Sound of Music’ I have become a life long fan. As a matter of fact, only English songs whose lyrics I could figure out in first listen are the songs I prefer for repeat hearing. To be more correct I prefer ‘Blues’ instead of ‘Rock’.

My Wifey is a big music fan and her interests range from Local to International flavors. Her preference is for Instrumental music without vocal’s.

Last year during a visit, to my friend SK played this on this recently acquired Record Player. The difference in sound quality with respect to mp3 music was tremendous. The ‘something stupid’ song by Frank Sinatra blew me away. I believe I listened to it at least 3 times then and there.

Below is a rehashed remix video of the original song which is also likeable, but as they say ‘Nothing beats the Original’.

I am looking forward to keeping a collection of our favorite songs. If you have the original Audio for this song, please pass it to me.

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