Monday, June 22, 2009

How useful is the iPhone!?


‘It is not what the device can do, it is what you can do with your device’ – Anonymous.

Last weekend a few of my friends planning to invest (waste ?) in the latest iPhone3GS release enquired which were the frequently used apps I used?

I mentioned about a few which I felt were useful and frequently used (but coming to think of it again, I am having second thoughts). Some of my close friends know me to be a gadget freak (recently acquired tag) and a camera clicker. (Of late Its my camera which has been getting more invites.)

So let me taking some time to list down a few of the Apps I frequently use in order of frequency of my usage:

App Name

App Icon

What is it ?

Comment My Rating

Twitterific Lite 

twitterrific_icon This is a TWITTER Client allowing Geo-Location at the touch of a ICON. Most of my tweets have a Geo Tag and my twitter id is @kanchirk Easy to Tweet






Word Warp

Word Warp

Jumble Solvr



Voice Notes  



Public NPR  



AAA Discounts  

Blog Writer Lite  

Comic Touch  




I am excluding Contacts, iPod, Calculator and Cell phone capability which I believe are the USPs of iPhone apart from the very Cool design and UI. There are more than 18 apps downloaded on my iPhone. But these are the ones which I prefer.

The iPhone has the convenience of a Hand Held Computer and with a Car Charger, it has become more useful. I still remember many days when I missed my Blackberry pearl and hated iPhone for short battery charge time and slow response when you fill its storage with songs, photos and other stuff.

Disclaimer: The above list is to simply for record keeping purpose. Please do not waste your time initiating a discussion with me regarding the ‘Utility’ value which I would defer from discussing or defending.

Note that most of the Apps are free and do not involved any more cents than the heavy initial down payment of 2 year contract with AT&T.

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