Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Innovative Phone

Reading about various blogs, articles suggesting features and wants from the next generation of iPhone prompts me to write about things I desire.

What I want from my Phone is

1) A Dual LCD Screen, one on the front, One on Back. One with Touch-screen and One Without and maybe with a Keyboard.

2) Lightweight and supporting at least 3.2 MP Camera.

3) Supporting at least 3G speeds with ability to connect to wireless networks in hotspots.

4) Video shooting with Sound Recording capability.

5) GPS and at least 20 GB of Memory.

6) Bluetooth support and ability to play all kinds of streaming video, audio.

7) Ability to allow VOIP calls similar to Nokia N880.

I want to take credit for the Dual LCD Screen feature and my bet is Apple will surely deliver that one... What Say ?

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