Thursday, May 22, 2008

Experience of a Orkut Virus :-)

During the days of Mighty DOS, In My College Lab, I wrote a small pseudo-virus program disguised as a attractive looking exe file. You can guess the name.

It used to call the del *.* command and echo a "Y" which in turn used to remove all the files of the current directory.

No damage happened because of that coz that was the first file to get deleted if anybody ever ran it. Tee Hee...

Last week I got a scrap on ORKUT by a friend SS who had written a strange message and asked me to paste a javascript in the browser. When I did that.. I just a Image retrieving taking place, but after some seconds.. I realized something was fishy.

I immediately tried to contact my friend and found that he had got the same scrap from me with the same message. OMG !!!

That was totally unexpected.

It seemed the Javascript I ran actually managed to use my Google Login Token and accessed my friends list and scrapped the message in each and every one of them.

I had to painfully remove the scrap message from my friends scrap page. Whew!!!

Also guess what the script made me join 15 different Communities which I had never visited.

I hope my friends are careful about this and not get enticed by any sweet looking message.


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