Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Read two promising yet "useless" books

An idea is not worth a dime unless executed correctly.

Harping on and around a topic to explain it is futile.

The book Lean Startup starts with an interesting experience of failure and success in startup. After that the author relates his experience and does not add an iota of original stuff. (except maybe coming up with the term Lean Startup from Lean Manufacturing.)

I feel I wasted my precious time and feel it is useless in my limited experience.

Book Money Master the game by Tony Robbins had some extra insights and very valuable content, but It is lengthy and should be edited for brevity. Many paragraphs made me feel Anthony Robbins is a fan of some of the achievers who have excellent track record and some material felt like promotion. I recommend readers of this book to get into the meat of the content and take action to gain from the knowledge.

If Money Master the game was a software, I would recommend awaiting the next version which hopefully will be more trimmed and more action oriented.

Really have not decided which books to read through next. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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