Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for ENTROPY - #atozchallenge

I love the word ENTROPY.

ENTROPY is a fascinating word. Strictly speaking in terms of laws of thermodynamics it takes a while to wrap the head around the concept. On the other hand, entropy is measure of a disorder in a system. (Or is it the measure of DRAMA in the system. or a understanding of CHAOS)

Only thing I understand is the total amount of ENTROPY in the universe is ever increasing.

As one grows the effort is to keep control of the ENTROPY in our lives and reduce it to a minimum to make our self feel powerful, but nature and time have a way of dealing with this. They outsmart us at this struggle eventually winning over.

Think about this.

The more the learning, the more the understanding of how less it is still understood.

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3) Inkpots and Quills


KC Kendricks said...

Good E word. I'm not sure I want to feel powerful every day, but I know I don't want to feel powerless.

A to Z participant at Between the Keys

Sherry Ellis said...

I's say there's definitely a lot of entropy in my universe! Good E word!

Joanne said...

interesting thought. happy a to z

Comley Charlotte said...

Learn something new everyday, thank you. It's nice to follow and connect