Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for DRAMAAAAA - #atozchallenge

Of the embarrassing memories, I recollect one from my 6th grade where I directed a detective school DRAMA which was inspired straight out of TV serial 'Karamchand'.

My class mates played the role of detective 'Karamchand' and sidekick 'Kitty' with aplomb carrot chewing and funny lines while I was relegated to playing the murderer who runs away from the scene of the crime leaving a cigarette butt.

On stage, the dead body actor got stage fright and refused to move out when the curtains were down.

For the audience who had to suffer through it luckily had these hilarious goof ups where one actor had to prompt out loud, "I said my line, its your turn".

I could sense the desperation of the teachers who were witnessing the ensuring 'thriller' turn into comic routine with lines uttered by the participants were out of sync of the scene.

Really wonder how it passed the scrutiny of acceptance, but nevertheless I often enjoy smiling at the adventures achieved in the age of innocence.

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