Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Softricks !!!

Laughter is the best medicine. – Anonymous

Now more than ever, I acknowledge that a bad memory enables one to laugh at the same joke again and again.

Surprisingly some jokes/anecdotes are too brilliant and have a universal appeal of evoking laughter in spite of recognition. Below I am listing a few such anecdotes/incidents/relates which I always react to.


Before China manufactured electronic items became universally available, Ulhasnagar(*Usa) of Thane, was notorious for its manufacturing of duplicate goods for products like TV/VCR/Mobile phones.  Name any branded product, you could easily locate and buy the same lookalike locally manufactured and made in Ulhasnagar (Usa).

The funniest anecdote related to Usa I heard was about ‘Cashew-Nuts’ scam sold for One-Third of the Wholesale price.

Even today I cannot help laughing explaining someone that it was (groundnut) ‘peanuts’ powder molded into Cashew shaped moulds.  I still cannot fathom how many customers were taken for a royal ride.


One inspiring activity I practiced with my close friends was to let our imagination run wild discussing whacky ways to change the world and its experiences. Those brainstorming sessions practically filled my head with many ideas that a instant recollection or mention triggers a insanely unstoppable laughter.

Today as I read about “Avatar” breaking box-office record collection, I remember the ‘brainstorm’ idea we had discussed to make it even an better experience for the audience. By introducing the 4th and 5th dimension in selective IMAX theatre’s where moviegoers apart from experiencing the vibrations of explosions and take off and landing seat reclines, it would be enthralling to experience ZERO GRAVITY along with some sequences of dragon flight.

For me, the suggestion of my friend, flooding the cinema hall with knee deep ice water during the sinking of Titanic in the movie always makes me roll and laugh.



…. To be Continued Later.

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