Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Short Vacation Trips


The last two weeks of 2009 are now etched in memory because of ‘planned’ two short weekend trips to Ocean City, MD and Miami/Key West Florida.

December is not an ideal month for a visit to Ocean City. Our trip’s aim was to idle away in isolation away from home. The Hilton stay was exactly what the doctor ordered. A break from the routine. After a year long stressful work, a planned trip really emerges as refresher.

The Christmas weekend trip gave us a glimpse of the summer treat we can expect at Ocean City. The 4 hour drive from our Hendon VA was uneventful. Driving across the Chesapeake bay bridge during daylight is always a sight. The continuous sound of waves as we slid open window glass door soothes even the most shaky nerves when approached with the correct mental attitude. The weather predicted gusty winds made the front door whistle eerily. The picturesque view of Sunrise from the Ocean front hotel room, the Sea gulls flying around, people walking/jogging on the beach in pairs or with surf boards were all impressive. Ocean city, we will come again.

Florida is supposed to be warm,hot and humid during December, the contrast of weather in Virginia. As you can guess it seemed as if we carried our weather all the way to Miami.

The light snow/sleet covering the airplane had a delayed take-off, prompting us to miss our connecting flight. For the patient me it was a leisure time at Atlanta airport, reading off the nook and praying for a safe trip. Luckily for us we arrived in Miami FL to be picked up by my friend SM and his wife who gave us wonderful company throughout the trip.

First evening, we walked around south beach cafe’s/pubs and welcomed new year 2010 witnessing the fireworks display there.

Second day our plan to visit the crocodile lake at gator island got disrupted because of unforeseen thunder/lightning forecast. Alternatively we visited the sunset plaza and watched Avatar in IMAX 3D. The line for Avatar in its third week show was very long. However I thoroughly enjoyed “3 idiots” viewing and it made up for a wonderful stay in Miami.

On Saturday we 4 drove to the ‘southernmost point in USA’ in Key West across the 7 mile bridge. The bluish green ocean and the sunny weather made the drive fascinating.

My Wifey and I parasailed for the first time ever. It was hugely crowded at Mallory point where everyone had gathered to witness the beautiful sunset. The fire jugglers and other street performers were good.

On way back almost every other mile, we noticed a Cop car ready to pounce upon over speeding vehicles. Review of the visit to two Indian restaurants “Imlee” and “House of India” made it to the Yelp which I discovered whilst there.

Sunday the visit to the Sea Aquarium and South beach shore, combined with dolphin show and dance at “Mango” made another memorable day.

Mouth watering and tastiest food prepared by our ‘kind’ hosts made it a fantastic short vacation trip ever.

Looking forward to visiting again.

Oh Yes !!! and here is the link to the Florida trip photos 

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Wish you a Happy New Year 2010 !!!

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