Thursday, December 17, 2009

Guess What My Name Is Khan is all About


Several years ago, when I watched Kill Bill Vol 1, I was blown away by the motivation and reasoning given behind the ruthless revenge vendetta Uma Thurman followed in the movie.

Today as I got some time to have watch the trailer of another SRK movie My Name is Khan I could not help thinking about what the storyline would be. From the trailer itself it is clear that SRK plays an autistic person of the name Rizwan Khan. We see fleeting glimpses of a happy family including son to SRK/Kajol. Also shown is SRK is on a Journey to meet the President of USA. With some dialogues interspersed mentioning about the impact of 9/11 on citizens across the world.

My guess is SRK’s kid is a victim of hate crime and because of the inability of parents to feel safe, he starts on a mission to meet and convince the president to stop ‘hate’ across the world. So i guess the film is another tear jerker/happy feel good ending movie from the KJ productions.

I always love to watch the movies for their treatment and enjoy the moment and experience the concept.

Good luck to KJ/SRK and team for their movie’s success.

What Say !?

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