Monday, May 25, 2009

Thoughts and Reality


Its been quite some time since I made my last blog post. There have been a few key events in my life which I will share with you all eventually. All for the Best of course.

I have been reading a lot of stuff and keeping myself occupied. Of late I have been carrying so much thoughts cramped into my brain that people around me can read me as being stressed rather than the aura of peace-with-self. Ironic right ? Sometimes you discover things from others which you should be knowing by yourself. This is the reason it is said “Thoughts are what you are”

Strange as it may seem time flies and you bet if you don’t capitalize and properly invest in it, life would have just zoomed by like a movie.

Wonderful things keep happening around and it takes some stepping back to get the big picture.

My best friend of 30 years arrived in the USA around 3 weeks back and already he has paid me a visit and We exchange a phone call every other day. Can you Imagine a friendship which has outlived competition in “pre-school”,”college”,”town”,”extra curricular activities”,”career” and changing times. Wow !!! By gods grace we both have shared a lot of wonderful events and progressed to learn about way to live from the way other around us and we ourselves have been living.

About reading.. I have cut down the amount of blog posts I have been reading by a lot. Some complaints I have about blog posts is that it is a random topic, It is not self contained and it is seldom complete. Think about it.

You have the ability to rise and shine and accomplish whatever you wish you can, Always it is a just a matter of effort, focus, persistence and time.

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