Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Reality and Recurring Thoughts


One of the complexities of life is which leg does the SOCK go on? It is still not clear why the SOCKS are designed to be ambidextrous? Think about it.

“ZooZoos” have really caught my imagination. The Vodafone ads are quite watchable. But the whole question is whether it has a better ROI then either Animation or using Animals (read puppy)? Strange as it may seem, there are lots of things which exists the way they are because nobody has questioned. In a business what is the economic sense to invest in a new paradigm of advertising to create market interest by fuelling in more money?

Another question I have found it difficult to grasp is post facto what is the need to find a relation or pattern between in an occurrence. There tend to be a lot of conversions around what will happened and what got screwed up. Don’t you think So?

With more and more technologies being used there is going to be a Tsunami of info-porn. Wonder how it will be (mis)used.

Also one latest buzz which I am looking forward to is how the world is going to handle the “possibly jingoistic” assertion of South Korea

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