Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What is the Last Straw !?

From a personal point of view, I am one of the most impatient people around.

I have always believed in 'Persistence raises the level of your reward' but when it comes to waiting, I find myself quite wanting to achieve the virtue of patience.

It has been considered that wise people do not open their mouths till they have something to add to an conversation there by attributing to 'Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden'.

For as much as I know about India through its zillion stories and rich history, one thing is absolute 'India is a very patient country'. 'Father of the nation' symbolically and figuratively represents the virtues of the country which has been tolerant to innumerable wrongdoings against it.

A couple of decades back 'Silence and Non Action' against perpetuators of horrible crime by the government, I would have attributed it to weakness and division in the country, but today as I infer from news,analysis and posts in various media, I believe India is a very mature country and united under the facade.

But the patience/silence of a person is presumed to be its weakness by its enemies. That is exactly what has been happening currently. The anti establishmentarians and anti elements of peace are asking for wrath of the country by engaging in provoking incidents of violence in and around the world.

People never do what has to be done, they 'always' do what they want to do. Yesterday's attack on Convoy of Sri Lankan sports men is condemnable.

How many more people have to suffer and feel insecure before action is taken to correct the root of all the nefarious activities ?

What I can predict from here is, as a country we are running out of patience and its just a matter of time, when the anti-elements will be hunted and wiped out from the face of the world.

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