Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Tech Term Blues

Whew !!!

This is Terrific.

Its 1:20 am EST as I wrap up reading to know more about some more acronyms like EDM, XBAP, yada yada yada

It seems as I keep reading/understanding/learning/applying these terms in technology, I am beginning to get inundated.

Is this ever going to end ?

I don’t know but am sure, this will get me work and earning my moolah.

The fundamentals remain the same. But the ideas to implement are rehashed and abstracted to fit into some kind of steady logical extension which makes some sense and begets question why was this there not earlier ?

Is it the early adopters who drive these change requirements or is it the early stumbles ?

I am not yet lost and hope you are not too.

In humans with time, there are changes. Some so subtle that it surprises the moment you become self-conscious, and some so distinct that your aura allows it to occur.

I was mentally crazy and physically lazy about keeping up to date with the latest trends in tech markets, but worry no more, I am back and this is going to rock, I am going to be better.

Attitude Always Optimistic.

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