Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Indian Government and Media needs to be more Proactive Against Terrorism

Right now as I watch the Taj Hotel in Mumbai in flames because of the Terror Attack, I am reminded of the Sept 11 twin tower attack in New York.

What is wrong with these people? What is the motive behind all these? Is it to derail the stability and peace in the region? Is it retaliation against some act of injustice against some Individual or community? Who is the mastermind?

Hatred Begets Hatred. 80+ People lost their lives in these attack. My sincere condolences and feel for them.

Even after this attack if the Infection of Terror is allowed to grow, it will engulf the whole country in a matter of time.

It is time now for the Government, Media and People to be responsible and get their act together to weed out CORRUPTION and TERRORISM from India and from the World.

There needs to be a systematic accountability of identification of each Individual and organization.

We should not wait for terrorism to impact us to pull up our sock together. Today Cops and Tomorrow Celebrities and Day After Tomorrow Politicians seems to be the Agenda of Terrorists.

If we do not feel safe, we cannot achieve.

Hail the spirit of Mumbai and other cities to forgive and forget !

But it is time for citizens of the country to be Smart and Pro active in weeding out Terror .

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