Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doing The Right Thing !!!

When I was young, I learnt that whatever the situation, you should do the RIGHT Thing. Whenever faced with a decision, use your common sense. Having a HOLISTIC view of things around helps us make the right decision and things fit into correctly if the RIGHT Thing was done.

Today as I write, I read this headline on www.ibnlive.com

BJP MPs claim SP bribed them, show cash in LS

What is Wrong with the Politicians of India ?

Today is the day of No Confidence Motion against the UPA government for the Nuclear deal with USA. According to the information available this was initiated by the NDA government and they are the one opposing it today. What kind of logic is that?

The government has apparently reached the numbers and will probably survive.

But what about this Claim? Don't they ever think that whatever they are doing is being watched the world over?

I was reprimanded by my college professor for being over-smart to the Interviewers during the college SSC recruitment. He told me that I represented the college and my behaviour might impact the future students of the college as I might give a false impression of being casual and rude to the Defense people.

But don't the politicians understand these? Isn't it illegal to defame or initiate false propoganda?

God knows what kind of morality and sense is being flaunted by these politicians?

It is time for the next generation of leaders to be aware that every action of theirs will be scrutinized and remembered by the press and the voters. They have to set an example in their deeds, action and will.

Time for Youngsters to Take Up Politics as a Career !!!

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Anonymous said...

No generation of leaders is going to be more accountable or less 'industrious' in their 'trade' of politicking. After all, politics is about issues because without issues there will silence and peace, and we don't vote to maintain peace but to lower the noise. And for that the noise has to be made.
It's part of a larger game played all over the world by the same rules.

Don't worry if the world is watching because everywhere in the world the citizenry has watched the same game at close quarters.