Monday, December 24, 2007

Traffic Cop Encounter - I

Just another 30 minutes of drive to go. I zoomed past the first car, then another, then another.. and soon smiled looking at the rear view mirror to see the speeding cars I had humbled.

I was proud, was I ? It was short-lived.

All of a sudden, I felt a flash of alternating RED and BLUE light inside my car. What the heck ?

It was the plain looking car behind me which was a COP Car, who had turned on his lights.

I slowed and moved to the right lane immediately. The COP Car followed me. I pulled over to the shoulder and put on the Hazard lights.

Long time back my friend wisely informed me, in case you get pulled over, do not make any attempt to get out of the driver's seat. COPs have the right to shoot, assuming you are reaching for a weapon or are dangerous.

My heart beat faster and I could feel myself cursing myself for being so ignorant of a COP Car which I had overtaken in the adrenaline rush.

The Cop came to my door and asked me "Show me your license ?"

I pulled out learners permit from my wallet and handed over the card.

Cop: "Where do you live?"

Me : "Columbia"

Cop : Your license says 'Baltimore'

Me : I moved to Columbia last month.

Cop : You are supposed to update your address at the MVA.

Me : I have updated it online and am expecting the new card to be delivered coming week.

Cop : Do you know what a COP Car looks like ?

Me : Yes.

Cop : I was driving in the 80's and you passed me fast.

Me : Sorry

Cop : I don't know which country you are from, but next time you see a COP Car, you better slow down.


I was speechless and still panicky on the inside. I drove rest of my drive with the HAZARD LIGHT turned on.

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